There are millions of people having too much on their plate. Most of these hard-working individuals can't afford to go back to school after many years of their graduation or do not have much free time or motivation to start a new hobby or career. Are you one of these people?

FAQ & Facts

A master's or Ph.D. is NOT Mandatory to Become a Data Scientist!

What you are capable of coding very well is your value in Data Science. Not your diploma.

It is NOT necessary to have a 4-year Computer Science or Math Degree to find great work in this field!

If you come from a different background or you have never been to college, you can still learn, find a job, and make a good career in this field.

How many years will it take?

There are people with graduate degrees in math and computer science and some can't pass a coding interview. There are also thousands of people with a high-school diploma holding senior positions in great tech companies. It is all about how much you have been sweating, bleeding, and crying to learn in the right way.

How do I know if I am on the right track?

If you feel it is too much for you at any point, go back to the basics and try to make a small project just with what you have learned. Create a small project, write some functions, or write a simple algorithm. Get more fluent, get more seasoned.

I tried it for a day and it is not for me, I am sure!

You tried coding for a few hours and you decided that none of the tens of different areas about computer science is good for you. Well, let me remind you: This is like learning a language, and then writing poems with it. Nobody is good in their novice period and everyone feels incompetent. You will need to do everything to learn a whole new way of reading, writing, thinking, and speaking. All accents are welcome! We are all immigrants and it is one world with one language: Math. You won't be good at it until you spend enough time, fail over and over, feel bad and incompetent, and have no good results for a long time. Learning anything new is all about getting up after receiving a punch and restarting all over again! Bonus: No age limit!

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